Simply Ayla Photography

All of the works seen on this website consist of original works, created by Ayla P Sherman.


So, I have officially wrapped up my fall 2014 semester! Even though I am looking forward to graduating next fall,right now I am really enjoying the time off.  After working hard all summer taking four classes in two months, I finally have my summer break. 
Right now, I am enjoying the free time that I have to enjoy my home, Colorado.
It's been great to work on my website and sort through some of my photos on my external hard drive too. As an amateur photographer, I would say that one of the challenge's I have experienced is balancing my school work and my photo organization. This semester I have been on top of all of my photos and have sorted and organized like crazy. During this winter break one of my goals is to go through all of my photos and sort them. By organizing and editing the work that I have taken over the past couple of years this will ease up my workload, and allow me the freedom to concentrate exclusively on my capstone this spring. These next three weeks I want to utilize my time wisely while getting some much needed rest. Besides working I will be skiing, hiking, and enjoying nature as much as possible. 

Happy Holidays!



This semester has gone by so fast, I can't believe it. Midterms has come and gone and now it's coming down to the final six weeks of this semester. It's hard to believe that I have a year left of college. It will be great to be able to shoot all day for as long as I want whenever I want. I find that it's hard to work on my own series while at school, I try but I hate that I can't give my all to a series. This semester I have started using a 4x5 which is amazing! I love film especially cyanotypes but, the quality of image that you get from a 4x5 is unbelievable. I love digital but, film is just so beautiful.